• The principal objective of the society is to promote and safe guard the socio-economic interests of its members with special emphasis on:-
  • To acquire land, houses, buildings or other property of for the purpose carrying out objectives of the Society.
  • To prepare plans, establish and maintain residential colonies for its members.
  • To construct, manage and maintain works, services and other institutions of various kinds for the benefit and convenience of members residing in the colonies.
  • To work as an agent of members for the purpose of preparing plans, designing houses, buildings and parks.
  • To construct buildings for commercial use and for public welfare.
  • To lay down rules and regulations for proper use and maintenance of all buildings, roads and other facilities within the limits of the colony.
  • To do generally, all such things as may be useful or expedient to carry out one or all objectives of the Society.
  • To adopt measures designed to encourage the spirit of cooperation and friendship among members.